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Our Invitation “Watchmen Rise and Build! 11 – 19 August 2017, Herrnhut, Germany

May 17th, 2017 · No Comments · News Updates

“Watchmen Rise and Build! 11 – 19 August 2017, Herrnhut, Germany Your Invitation The Summit will be an International convening of nations to mark the 290-year anniversary of the outpouring of God’s Spirit in Herrnhut. Some call it the “2nd Pentecost.” What was the culture of prayer and community of Herrnhut, “The Lord’s Watch,” that lasted generations, transformed the community, and released a massive missions movement? The seed is still there!

In this unique convergence of time, place, and purpose, the seed is ready now to live again. Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain,” John 12:24. It is time for the “Lord’s Watch,” the seed of Herrnhut, to live again and spread to the nations to build the relationships/community. God’s amazing confirmations have marked the journey to this summit, for more information see Journey to Herrnhut, 2017.

Who? The meeting in Herrnhut will be a place to draw leaders, people with a heart for their communities and nations, committed to prayer, together from across the globe to seek the Lord in United intercession, learn and experience the culture of Herrnhut, and to build relationships. Out of this, we are confident that the Lord will ignite and mobilize His watchmen to strengthen the wall of united global intercession. Why Herrnhut? Herrnhut – “The Lord’s Watch,” is still an unpretentious small village of several thousand people. Count von Zinzendorf inspired a deep commitment to night and day prayer, and community. Both entities were keys that sustained a habitation of His Presence over generations!

The gathering will land on a significant convergence of timing, the 290 year anniversary of the outpouring, 13 August 1727. What was their secret? Herrnhut consisted of diverse people, mostly refugees from different lands. On 12 May 1727, they committed to work together and serve the Lord in prayer. Three months later, on 13 August 1727, the Lord poured out His Presence, which started 150 years of continuous night and day prayer, transformed the community and launched an unprecedented missions movement. What sustained them? God has poured out His Spirit many times in the past, but the revivals usually have not lasted more than several years.

The key to Herrnhut was that they had a committed community – they were committed to the Lord, but also to each other, the foundations of which are in the great commandments, upon which is “all the law and the prophets,” Matthew 22:40. Many other movements have occurred in the past, e.g. Bangor, Ireland, the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem and Malta etc. with similar sustaining force. All had two values in common, a commitment to prayer and community. Your invitation: The largest venue in Herrnhut holds a maximum of 200 people, which is where the meeting will be held. 50 of those spots will be reserved for local Christian leaders, mainly from the local YWAM base and the local House of Prayer. That leaves room for 150 participants who are being called from around the world to come together for this time. We believe with a faithful remnant; God can do the unimaginable so that He is glorified, John 15:8. Is He calling you to listen corporately to the voice of the Lord and be a part of building this committed Global Community of Watchmen?


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